Mac & Cheese: A Health Food

Cheese is amazing.  I love it, but with all the fat in it, I can’t eat it nearly as frequently as I like.  Mac & Cheese is the perfect comfort food- rich creamy, cheesy, deliciousness.  But all those tasty fats and carbs equal tons of calories which are stored as fat, if not burned.  I’ve started substituting veggies or squash for carbs (think spaghetti squash with a loaded maranara and turkey meatballs, hmm).  Most the time you don’t notice a difference in taste, and dont have that heavy, lethargic feeling after eating pasta or other carbs.  To make some healthy, nearly fat free, low carb, low glygemic index mac & cheese, I did the same thing.  Using squash adds to the flavor, texture and reduces the carbs.  A combo of fat free cheddar and low fat cottage cheese with a dash of parmasean  (high flavor so you use less and its lower fat) make a better crispy, cheesy topping.


Quinoa pasta – surprisingly good, none of that weird whole wheat pasta flavor or chew consistency of other faux pastas

Squash- Here I used spaghetti

Low fat or fat free cheese – your fave, I used Kraft Fat Free Cheddar

Low fat cottage cheese


Spices: pepper, salt, garlic, chili powder, parsley-  to taste

Add caramelize onions, chicken, or other veggies to mix it up.


Let me know how your varaiations turn out!

XO Miriam


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