Awesome Abs

Muffin Top.  Love handles.  Flanks.  Whatever you call it, the midsection is a problem area for just about everyone.  Here are a few moves to widdel down that waistline! Bend and Pop: Great move for backs of legs (ham strings), core and flanks.  Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart.  Arms straight out … Continue reading

Fit Tip: Drop Into A Plank Pose!

It’s a love/hate relationship.  Love the results, hate doing more than one.  Planks are tough, but effective.  They are a great total body move that draws in your core while working your arms and legs at the same time.  Drop into one any time you have an extra minute or two. To start, try a … Continue reading

Cat Breath Ab Exercise: aka Cat Vomit

Recently, someone recomended this move to me to get those 6 pack abs everyone wants.  It’s from by Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body program.  The name is very off putting to me especially since I do know a cat that does vomit on occasion.  From here on, I will refer to this as the Cat Breath … Continue reading

Green Tea: Boost your metabolism with more tea!

Green tea has been linked to many health benefits including weight loss by speeding up your metabolism. In short, it works by increasing oxidation of fat, burning it, or metabolizing it faster.   Green tea also works to increase protein absorption, which keeps you feeling full longer.  As an added bonus, tea is full of antioxidants, which fight cancer causing free radicals. The … Continue reading

Fit Tips: 6 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

Hello!  This is the first installment of what will be a series fitness tips and tricks. There are many lists of “_#_ foods to reduce belly fat.”  I have done research on the foods listed and compiled my own.  Here are a few delicious, nutritious foods that I recommend for keeping belly fat at bay: 1. Avocados. … Continue reading

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