Hello, my name is Miriam.  I am a Bioinformaticist turned event enthusiast, social media lover with a passion for food and fitness.

Background.  My love for science (nerd-alert!) especially biology, lead me to a MS in Bioinformatics.  Bio-what, as it is commonly refered to as, is a combination of bio and computers, think this.  After working as a researcher and lab manager in a pediactrics infectious disease lab in LA, decided I wanted to take my coordinating and people skills to a place where they could shine!  I started doing event planning, marketing & social media, and loved it!  Earlier this year, I moved back up to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up.  Here I found myself in the wonderful world of start-ups.  After living in both LA and SF.  I have come to the conclusion that actors in LA are the equivalent of entrepreneurs in SF.

Food.  I have always loved food.  Hey, I am Italian (Sicilian) – cooking, talking about food (with our hands,of course), thinking about what to make- it’s what we do.  Will.i.am sums it up.  If I had to choose only one channel to watch, it would be the Food Network, but ESPN would be a super close second…  What comes with this love of food and eating is generally, fat.  To avoid this I keep an active, skinny girl lifestyle.  Check out the healthy recipes and workout tips.

Events.  Ahh events, I love everything about them.  Planning and coordinating every detail is fun, to me.  Even going to events is a thrill.  I got a healthy dose of this when living in Hollywood.

Passion for Social Media.  The best thing about now, is social media.  Seeing the product developments in Facebook and Twitter are incredible.  Social technologies are forming new platforms for socializing, interacting, marketing and creating more opportunities with new ventures.  My first blogging experience was for a boutique PR firm in Santa Monica.  Since then, I have blogged for other companies, and most recently was leading the social media efforts for a Start-Up.  I could follow my Twitter feed all day long.

Goal.  With my personal blog, I aim to give readers something to enjoy.  Whether its a smile, a laugh, a recipe, or a quick life altering health tip, I dont mind as long as its enjoyed.  I plan to share ideas and techniques on topics that interest me.  Fortunately, my affinity for science comes out in my cooking, brewing beer, fitness, as well as explaining how and why.  Accompanying tips, I promise to give an easily, understandable explanation on how or why they work with scientific evidence backing it up.  Hope you find this interesting and enjoyable.  Happy reading!

XO Miriam


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