Mac & Cheese: A Health Food

Cheese is amazing.  I love it, but with all the fat in it, I can’t eat it nearly as frequently as I like.  Mac & Cheese is the perfect comfort food- rich creamy, cheesy, deliciousness.  But all those tasty fats and carbs equal tons of calories which are stored as fat, if not burned.  I’ve … Continue reading

Awesome Abs

Muffin Top.  Love handles.  Flanks.  Whatever you call it, the midsection is a problem area for just about everyone.  Here are a few moves to widdel down that waistline! Bend and Pop: Great move for backs of legs (ham strings), core and flanks.  Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart.  Arms straight out … Continue reading

Quninoa Burgers

There is nothing like a juicy, meaty, beefy burger.  Here is a tasty, healthy alternative that’s pretty close.  If a veggie burger isn’t going to cut it, think of this as a fun new way to eat quinoa.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest (love!) but modified it a tad based on what we had on hand.  I added jalapeno, zucchini squash, … Continue reading

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